The pillow is an important factor when sleeping as it provides healthy relaxation and recovery and we look for this as well when we are travelling or staying at a hotel. It doesn’t matter if you sleep face down,holding your pillow or face up. In Vayoil Textil hotel owners can find all types of pillows for their guests with the aim of offering their guests the same level of sleep as if they were at home

Polyester, Cotton, Fibre, Microfibre, Feather, Viscoelastic, Latex, Pillows are included in a wide variety of weights and firmness which form a part of the catalogue of this company. Thanks to the covers made of Cotton of the highest quality and lots of them of fireproof material sleep will be relaxing and of total comfort.

Because Quality is about having the adequate product for each guest and the hotel that they are going to enjoy. Vayoil Textil is a linen supplier that is able to understand their needs and supply a product according to their needs.