Vayoil Textil, apart from the typical items common to hotels like sheets, towels offer a wide range of special articles with technical features that adhere to requirements demanded in Hospitals and Geriatric Centres or Nursing homes.

The search for elements that make a difference in the group of services that hotels offer makes creativty important to suppliers. At Vayoil Textil we have accepted this challenge knowing that quality and originality have to prevail in all the elements near to the client as is the case with Hotel Linen articles.

Elegance and the personality of the hotel lie in the minute details that make it unique and also make sure that the client is satisfied.
The selection is wide.You will be able to find more than one solution that adapts to your premises and what you would like to communicate to your residents. We offer the possibility of designing your own linen.


Waterproof bibs. with distinctive types of fasteners for the patient that fulfill the objective to protect and at the same time are resistant to Industrial washing machines.
Mattress Protecters offering a wide range of levels of quality which adhere to two key factors level of protection and comfort. We can find in this series: PVC Mattress Protecters,Polyurethane, water resistant quilts, resistant to autoclave disinfection or protecters with double usage that can be used as a sheet and protecter at the same time.

Pillow cases and mattresses. Apart from the habitual products in this sector we have developed some products with fire resistant features that in some cases are legally binding for these products. Another of the features that distinguish our products from our competitors is that they are anti-slip and because of this quality are able to be used when moving patients from one bed to another without the bed suffering displacement

Anti-decubitus mattresses. Are very useful for those patients with very little mobility and have to remain seated over long periods of time.
Fire-resistant sheets with a special finish using 100% Cotton fabric that maintains comfort and breathability and comply with the requirements regarding fire-resistant materials if required legally.