Good table linen in a restaurant offers an image of your establishment. Taking care of the table linen in an hotel establishment or a restaurant is as necessary as looking after a menu.

How should you choose your Table Linen?

To begin with you should choose the fabric make up of your Table Linen which could be:

  • 50% polyester/50% cotton
  • Cotton 100%
  • 50% linen/50% polyester
  • Linen 100%
  • Linen/polyester/cotton
  • Linen/cotton

Secondly you should choose designs and colours of the set of the table linen: cover cloth, tablecloth and napkins.

Thirdly you have to take the measurements of the garments: of the table linen, of the napkins,, table roads…

And finally we make and customize it.

The garments after being made and before being sent on pass through quality control to ensure that they are made to our required standards,

As with sheets, towels and other garments there exists the possibility of customizing festoons, embroideries and hem-stitching


These are pieces of material that hotel establishments or restaurants use to cover the dining-table.


At Vayoil Textile we make tablecloths that cover tablecloths principally for decorative or protective purposes. Whatever type of customization is needed there is no problem whatsoever for us to satisfy our customers needs.


Dressing a table in an adequate form makes a difference.

At Vayoil Textil we make napkins with different measurements and fabric qualities: Linen,or Pure Cotton, single or together, including other fibres that make ironing easy and create the perfect atmosphere in your establishment